Our Supporters

The PAAJAF Foundation is staffed by online volunteers around the world and by additional volunteers here in Ghana who share our vision of a better world and seek to bring light and progress to the lives of our children through education and community support.

Together they design and improve our website, build our social networks, fund raise, help to bring awareness of the status of education and poverty issues in our community, and travel to Gbawe to teach our primary school children.

In a world that is struggling with social upheaval and violence, we chose to focus our efforts on what we can do as individuals to make a better world and a stronger, more caring global community that values education and the promise of our children’s lives.

Individuals who donate through the PAAJAF Foundation in both small and larger amounts are the backbone of our financial support.

Grant making organizations that provide funding help us buildĀ  capacity and provide the financial support needed to launch or reach important milestones.

The success of the PAAJAF project depends on in-kind donations from corporations and organizations who share our vision as well.

We are grateful to the following organizations for the important support they provide to our organization:


PAAJAF and GlobalGiving have partnered from 2008 up to today. GlobalGiving hosts PAAJAF’s fundraising campaigns on their website. Please join us today by making a contribution through Global Giving!

United Nations Volunteers support our projects through online volunteering. PAAJAF is an approved and registered member with the United Nations Volunteering Initiative.

Pulsar International

PAAJAF Foundation partnered with Pulsar International to work on fundraising.


The Linino Organisation pays the rent on the building we are currently using for our educational center. Their commitment runs until October 2016.

Name Cheap

Namecheap is providing an in-kind donation to PAAJAF by hosting the PAAJAF website.


Digicert provides SSL service to our organisation in the form of donation.

iflychat Cloud

iFlyChat is providing an in-kind donation of a live chat service system to support our organisation and help our volunteers from around the world work more efficiently together.


Knews provides an in-kind donation of a WordPress plugin newsletter system to our organisation.

The Church of Our Saviour in the Netherlands has provided cash support through their congregation to our project.