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Help to bring an After School Program to the children of the Gbawe Community.

The project will assist children in the community geared towards primary school and Junior High School children and will help supplement and complement their learning.

The first phase of the After School project was a great success and very rewarding for the children we served. Unfortunately the project is currently on hold due to a lack of funding to to pay the coordinator and the after school teachers and lack of resources for learning. We hope to resume our efforts in this area as we get the word out about our efforts and raise more funds.

The Issue/Problem

Currently, there are no clear after-school programs in the Gbawe, Ghana community. As such, school-aged children are unable to access the help that they require for full development. They then suffer various setbacks, in terms of their academic, social, physical, and creative achievement.


The project will benefit children, students and teacher trainees by sharing knowledge and skills with the children; they will learn valuable life skills that will also assist their own lives academically, socially and professionally.

Potential Long Term Impact

The After School Program is a network for children, aiming to build a bridge between young people and their future – academically and socially. Specifically, it will be a necessary link between children and their community and academic performances.



Teachers and coordinator Support $4,600

Classroom maintenance $1,000


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