Create a Computer Center

Empower 60 children and 35 youth with training in computer skills.

This is a project under the PAAJAF Educational Institute (PEI) to provide training in computer literacy and understanding the internet to the poor orphans, underprivileged children, youth and young adults in Gbawe, Ghana. Our community needs training for the Information Age!

The Issue/Problem

Thousands of children, youth and young adults in Gbawe have never used a computer. We want to provide basic training in the Information Age: understanding and using computers and making full use of the internet.

Through our training, members of our community will be able to become productively engaged and better qualified to obtain jobs.

There is a dire need for this form of training, which is available principally at commercial prices beyond the reach of our children and their families. This project will help us bridge the digital divide and level the playing field.

There is no community-based computer training centre in Gbawe. Many people cannot afford the high cost of purchasing a computer or materials for coursework or sufficient access to technology and the Internet. Mobile phones do provide access to the internet, but not everybody can afford to buy a phone.

Our Solution

The activities we would like to include to help our children, teenagers and young adults gain the computer skills needed to be successful in school and to secure better jobs in the future are:

Goal: Create a Community Computer Literacy Center

Create a learning environment with access to computers and the internet.

Provide a general introduction to computer literacy and specific instruction in office applications, designing, programming, gaming, how software is written (coding), and computer hardware and the internet.

Set up and Resource the Computer Literacy Center

Purchase computers

Computer room/lab maintenance

Computer Lab equipment

Project staff salaries

Administrative supplies

Internet installation

Potential Long Term Impact

The project offers new opportunities for our children, youth and young adults to become computer literate and therefore viable and competitive in the market place which will enable them to develop a career, rise above poverty and contribute to national development.

Be sure to follow our blog to read more about how this project is progressing!

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Empower 60 Children and 35 Youth with Computer Skills Training

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