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The PAAJAF Educational Institute (PEI) Library project is for both the PEI school children and their Gbawe Community in Ghana. It is intended to be a resource to the PEI main school program.

PEI is dedicated to quality education within the classrooms and outside the classroom. We are also committed to introducing technology and its ability to make knowledge accessible through the internet to our community.

With this project, our students who cannot afford purchasing books will be able to access eReader books, including the capability of borrowing the device for their coursework.

It is our goal to make the PEI Library accessible to the entire community, both adult and children. We hope to reach 100 primary school children and 30 adults in 2016.

The Issue/Problem

Though some children in our community are enrolled in school others are not due to overcrowding. This project aims to create a community library that will be a central resource for the children and families of our community where children can develop an interest in and passion for reading.

Currently, there is no private or a community library in Gbawe. Many people cannot afford the high cost of purchasing reference materials for coursework, and sufficient access to technology and the Internet is lacking.

Potential Long Term Impact

An eReader Library will provide the much-needed resources for our children and for generations to come. Enhancing and upgrading the quality of education is PEI’s primary goal. We know that education is the means to a better life for the children in Gbawe and the country of Ghana as a whole. Providing the necessary resources to provide a quality education is our main objective.


In the first year of the project, the library will be accessible to 100 primary school children and 35 adults.

Currently we have 35 eReaders from the Worldreader organisation that are to be delivered to us. We are incredibly grateful to our sponsor who donated the cost of a Worldreader library to us!

Books for All

Our Next Tasks in this Project
  • Find and secure a suitable physical location for the library.
  • Purchase library chairs and tables.
  • Install Internet
  • Recruit and hire library staff
Our 2016 Budget for the Library

Library Equipment and installation $3,000

Library Site $3,000

Library Staff $3,200

Promotion $800

Internet $960

Administrative Exp. $900


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