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PEI Schools

You can help us create the schools we need!

Help us build an educational center in our community so that our children may go to school! We are creating a scholarship school for our children because of the limited public education we have available in our community. In addition to schooling, we provide our students with all of their needs including books, uniforms, school supplies and a nutritious meal twice a day.

Preschool & Primary

In the preschool we seek to make a child’s first steps towards independence, warm, welcoming, fun and safe environment. We believe education is about the whole child.
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Adult & Family Literacy

Our goal is to provide adult and family literacy instruction in a warm and welcoming environment at PEI. We intend to create generational learning for both children and adults.
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Centre for Legal Ethics

Legal Ethics are codes of conduct applicable to law professionals while performing their duties. These codes of conduct are the backbone of any profession to keep it noble.
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The PAAJAF Foundation is staffed by online volunteers around the world and in Ghana who share our vision of a better world and are working to bring light and progress to the lives of our children through education and community support.

Donations made by caring people around the world are crucial to our success. They help us pay for the rent on our school, the clothes the children wear, the meals we prepare for them and the educational material we need to create an enriching environment.

Please join us today by making a contribution through GlobalGiving!Global GivingGlobalGiving makes it easy and safe for you to give to local projects anywhere in the world, while providing nonprofits with the tools, training, and support they need to become more effective.

You can support PEI through the PAAJAF Foundation and Global Giving.